Health & Wellness Logs / Contact Tracing

All employees, subcontractors and visitors on site must complete the self-screening JEG COVID-19 questionnaire to allow JEG to assess the risk of COVID-19 being transmitted to other workers on site.
Those confirming symptoms must be isolated onsite and they must contact their doctor for further guidance. This is to ensure their safety and that of colleagues, friends and family.

Covid-19 Questionnaire/Self-Declaration below Last updated 01 Sept 2020

Employee COVID-19 Wellness Check

Supervisors can undertake this COVID-19 health check with their staff daily. It takes only minutes and reassures other workers that their colleagues are likely virus free for that day.

Contact Tracing

For all unavoidable tasks <2m & <1.5m a contact tracing log must be maintained. Such personnel will have completed their signed declaration confirming that they do not have symptoms prior to working within 2m & <1.5m of their colleague(s).