Policy & Procedures

The CIF Safety and Health committee, mindful of the best available guidance, nationally and internationally, has developed this document, Construction Sector C-19 Standard Operating Procedures which serves as a guide for the management of COVID-19 on a construction site for the duration of the pandemic. The actions set out in this document should be implemented in tandem with an amended Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan. The purpose of this document is to protect workers, their families and the community, whilst also recognising the need to protect livelihoods. The document has been endorsed by the Federation’s Executive Body for implementation.

Simply put, this is the most important document the CIF has distributed to this point in terms of preparing your organisation to operate in the construction industry after restrictions are relaxed. In addition to this CIF S0P please see below JEG EHS policies, JEG SOP Site Shut-down & Start Up Procedure along with Safe System Of Work Plan for Protection and Monitoring of Personnel to a Potential Exposure to COVID-19.

CIF Construction Sector C-19 below Last updated 5th July 2021

This site Shut-down and Start-up procedure applies to all Jones Engineering Group work sites and describes the actions to be taken in the event of a shutdown. The objective is to ensure responsible leadership and safety during the shutdown and start up phases.