COVID-19 Compliance Officer

All sites should nominate and appoint a COVID-19 Officer(s) in line with site policy. Their primary responsibilities are to ensure COVID-19 measures are adhered to and encourage to maintain physical distancing.
The responsibilities of the C-19 Compliance Officer and duties fall broadly into two categories:

  1. Proactive day to day duties.
  2. Reactive emergency duties.

1. Proactive day to day duties of a C-19 Compliance Officer:

  • Ensure personnel onsite complete relevant COVID-19 Questionnaires / Declarations.
  • Being a constant onsite presence to monitor compliance with social distancing guidelines between all personnel onsite (with the exception of planned close working). In instances where there is non-conformance with social distancing the C-19 Compliance Officer is to intervene.
  • Maintain a log of regular monitoring of COVID-19 controls on site.
  • Ensure there is sufficient up to date signage erected onsite to educate all personnel about the COVID-19 controls on site.
  • At all times promote and coach good hygiene practices to all personnel onsite.
  • Ensure regular cleaning of welfare facilities, handrails, door handles, plant, equipment and common tools etc. is undertaken.
  • Ensure hand wash liquid/soap and hand sanitisers are replenished as required.
  • Check hot water and hand drying facilities are available onsite.
  • Make representations to the site management with regards any COVID-19 concerns raised by site personnel to the C-19 Compliance Officer.
  • Ensure site personnel are adhering to staggered break time schedules and limiting numbers in canteens, drying rooms and smoking areas cognisant of the social distancing guidelines.
  • Ensure site personnel leaving site at designated breaks remove their site PPE and continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Report any areas of non-compliance to site management and ensure these are addressed.
  • Consider provision of additional controls for exceptional circumstances
  • Keep up to date on government HSE guidelines.

2. Reactive Duties of a C-19 Compliance Officer:

While the main role of the C-19 Compliance Officer is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 onsite, there is the potential where an individual onsite may experience COVID-19 symptoms and where the C-19 Compliance Officer needs to react. In a reactive position, their responsibilities include:

  • Informing site management if there is a confirmed case or if they have been made aware of an individual with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Isolating an individual with symptoms in an isolation room/segregated area away from other personnel.
  • Following site protocol for individuals with COVID-19 symptoms. (i.e., isolate the person from other site personnel, send the person home, inform them to contact GP).
  • Assisting in contact tracing should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19.